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Snow can have damaging effects on homes. If you’re one of the homeowners in Kelowna who experiences snowfall, you’ll want to do everything possible to keep your home safe from the elements. Here are some smart tips for protecting your home from snow damage this winter.

  1. Clean Your Gutters
    Gutters that are clogged with debris may cause water to back up and sit instead of being drained down the downspout. This standing water can freeze and form ice dams, which can damage your gutters and other parts of your home. These ice dams may also cause icicles to form on the outsides of your gutters, and these icicles could be dangerous if they break off and fall onto someone.
    Likewise, ice damming can also cause water damage inside the home since the ice gets underneath roof shingles where it melts.
    Cleaning the fallen leaves, dirt and other debris from your gutters can help keep ice from forming anywhere along your gutter line.
  2. Change the Direction of Water Flow from Melted Snow
    You may need to find a way to redirect the water from melted snow away from your home so that the moisture doesn’t harm certain structures. You should check all downspouts of your gutter system to make sure that they aren’t draining water too close to your home’s foundation. It’s also important to make sure that the water from the melted snow isn’t getting onto your home’s siding too much.
  3. Remove Heavy Snow Build-up on the Roof
    If snowfall accumulations are high in your area, heavy snowpacks could form on your roof and cause damage. The weight from heavy snow could cause your roof to sag or become cracked. In extreme cases, heavy snow can even cause roofs to collapse inward entirely, and your chances of this happening may increase if your roof is old. If you don’t have the equipment and skills to remove the snow build-up from your roof on your own, you can hire professionals to do the job instead.
  4. Remove Overhanging Branches
    Any branches from your trees that are hanging over your home should be cut back before the snow arrives. If branches are hanging over your home, the weight of snow and ice accumulations could cause them to break and fall onto your roof or other parts of your home. You may also want to try to cut back branches as much as possible that are hanging over parts of your yard where your children like to play.

Following these tips can save your home from much of the wear and tear that winter snow can cause. If your home happens to get damaged from the snow, you can contact Total Restoration Services, which is a company that serves homeowners in Kelowna like you, by visiting www.totalrestoration.ca/kelowna to schedule professional home restoration service.