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Indoor flooding can occur for many reasons. If you ever experience flooding inside your home, you’ll want to take quick action to mitigate the damage to minimize problems as much as possible. Here are some things that you should do if you have a flood in your house.

  1. Stop the Water Flow
    If a broken pipe or another plumbing fixture caused your indoor flooding, you’ll want to find the valve that shuts off water to the area where the water is flowing and switch the valve off to prevent further flooding. If you’re having trouble locating the specific valve, you can shut off the main water valve to your home to stop all water flow entirely.
  2. Switch Off Electricity 
    Any water that gets into electrical components could spark electrical fires that wreak further devastation on your home. Because your safety is the top priority, avoid walking or standing in water, especially if there are any cords lying around or if the electrical panel is affected, to prevent electrocution.
  3. Exit Your Home
    If major flooding has occurred inside your home, you’ll want to exit as quickly as possible to avoid becoming trapped. You may need to seek higher ground if flooding is prevalent throughout your area because of a major storm or if the main line that supplies water to the people in your neighbourhood breaks.
  4. Contact a Restoration Company
    It’s best to contact a restoration company in Kelowna as quickly as possible so that the floodwater can be removed from inside your home. The professionals from Total Restoration can travel to your place to remove all the standing water and restore the damaged parts of your home, and you can arrange service by visiting www.totalrestoration.ca/kelowna.