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With the rising cost of condo insurance, you will want to do everything possible as a condominium building manager to keep the premises well-maintained. Addressing maintenance issues before they grow into bigger problems can save you from having to submit an insurance claim and risk paying higher coverage fees. Budgeting for maintenance work and not scrimping on any needed repairs or updates should be prioritized. These maintenance tips can help you avoid future problems with your condo building in Kelowna, B.C.

Check the Vents

It’s important to inspect the vents around your building to make sure that none of them are clogged or being obstructed by other objects. If your building has a public laundry room, it’s especially important to check the dryer vents to try to prevent fires from starting. You should also encourage tenants to check the vents inside their units regularly for safety.

Inspect the Plumbing

Water that leaks from pipes throughout your building can cause indoor flooding, mold growth and electrical hazards if the leaks aren’t fixed quickly. Faulty plumbing fixtures can also wreak havoc and should be addressed. If indoor flooding occurs because of a plumbing problem, you’ll want to have a condo insurance policy that covers strata deductibles to avoid having to pay higher costs.

Review the Safety Features

Sprinklers, smoke detectors and fire alarms should all be in working order to keep your tenants and building safe. If your building is equipped with surveillance cameras and a security alarm, these pieces of equipment should also be inspected to ensure that they remain in working order.

Look for Pest Damage

Unwanted critters can damage both the inside and outside of your building, so it’s important to look for signs of pest damage all around your premises. Frayed wires, damaged wood and holes in walls can all be tell-tale signs of a pest problem. Pest control measures should be implemented swiftly if you find any pests or suspect that you have a pest problem.

Clean Regularly

Establishing a cleaning routine can help prevent many maintenance problems. By cleaning regularly, you will be able to remove mold, rust and other problems that could damage parts of your building sooner. Trash and other debris that could pose fire or other safety hazards should be removed regularly as well. Cleaning more often will also give you the chance to look for maintenance issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Being a responsible condo building manager can keep you from having to submit a condo insurance claim to cover any damages. If flooding or fire occurs at your building, Total Restoration Services Inc. can help remediate many of the damages, and you can learn more about the services that are provided by visiting www.totalrestoration.ca/kelowna.