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"The Great Holiday Giveaway" 

As part of our ongoing commitment to giving back to our communities, this holiday season we teamed up with Kettle Valley Memorial and Castanet to present “The Great Holiday Giveaway”. We poured over 100 entries in 30 days and carefully chose 5 deserving recipients to help make their holiday season a little brighter. We were deeply touched while reading through the submissions. The recipients were overwhelmed with emotion when we surprised them. We wish we could have helped everyone! However, thanks to the kindness of others, we managed to help an additional 4 families by getting their permission to share with another anonymous donor who wanted to help. Their Christmas wishes were fulfilled. This is the beauty of surrounding yourself with other community minded businesses and individuals! 

We would like to thank Fountain Tire Penticton, Live Local Life, Peaches Lingere, The Mug & Brush, The Penticton Lakeside Resort, VIP Mobile Spa, Ideal Energy Solutions and Modern Purair for their generous sponsorships. We would also like to thank everyone who who took the time to nominate and help us arrange our top secret giveaways. Finally, we would like to thank our community partner Kettle Valley Memorial and media partner Castanet for their commitment to making this successful. 

2020 has been a hard year for many and we were happy to give back to the very communities which keeps us employed and prosperous.

The Great Holiday Giveaway #1
The Great Holiday Giveaway #2
The Great Holiday Giveaway #3
The Great Holiday Giveaway #4
The Great Holiday Giveaway #5