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Team Members

At Total Restoration, our team's expertise and dedication form the cornerstone of our success. With a proven track record in managing large-scale disaster restoration projects, our team members excel in their roles, continually acquiring industry certifications to stay at the forefront of restoration and disaster management. Their collective efforts, resilience, and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in driving our company's ongoing achievements, underscoring our commitment to delivering unparalleled service in the industry.

Learn more about our team members, and their commitment to their roles and their community.

Ken Malcolm


Ken, the driving force behind Total Restoration Services Inc., brings a whopping 40 years of hands-on experience in the restoration industry to the table. His career, originating in Alberta, progressed rapidly and allowed him to become an owner before he opted for new pastures in the picturesque Okanagan Valley.

Ken kickstarted Total Restoration in 2002, and the company has since been a key player in high-profile disaster recoveries. These include the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire in 2003, the Fort McMurray Fire in 2016, and the mass flooding in Kelowna in 2017, among many others. This extensive experience makes Total Restoration a top choice for restoration services in Okanagan and beyond.

Community support is a pillar of Ken's mission. Total Restoration is more than just a restoration company; it's a community partner. It proudly backs local sports teams, charities, and is a regular presence at community events, showcasing its commitment to the Okanagan Valley.

Ken's unique business approach, unwavering determination, and broad skill set have laid a solid foundation for Total Restoration. These factors, along with the tireless work of a diverse team, have been key in the company's success story for over 20 years. As a leader in the restoration industry, Total Restoration Services Inc. is synonymous with quality, commitment, and community spirit.

Marisa Wilson


Marisa, a veteran in the restoration industry, embarked on her journey with our company in 2002. Initially serving as a Field Staff Supervisor, her career witnessed a significant turn during the Okanagan Mountain Park fires of 2003. Displaying exceptional leadership skills, Marisa spearheaded the restoration of hundreds of homes post-fire, subsequently earning her a promotion to Project Manager.

Maintaining this role until 2017, Marisa also assumed the responsibility of General Manager in 2014, demonstrating her capability to juggle multiple roles effectively. Presently, she is the dynamic head of our company, significantly contributing to its continual success and achievements.

Moreover, Marisa stands out as one of the few women in Canada to hold the Certified Restorer title, further solidifying her unique standing in the restoration industry. Her journey exemplifies dedication and professional growth, making her an invaluable asset to our company.

Bobbie Wilcox

Project Manager

Bobbie, a dedicated team member for the past 17 years, started her journey with us in 2006 as a part of our cleaning staff. Her consistent performance led to her promotion to Contents Manager in 2009, furthering her career progression. Embracing more responsibilities, Bobbie became a Project Manager Assistant in 2013.

In 2019, after demonstrating exceptional management skills, she was appointed as a Project Manager. Most recently, she has ascended to the esteemed position of Director of Project Managers, showcasing her career growth.

Throughout her tenure, Bobbie has expertly managed numerous large-scale commercial and residential projects. Notably, she oversaw the restoration efforts during the Kelowna mass flooding in 2017 and relocated to Fort McMurray in 2016 for the fire restoration there.

Bobbie's commitment to professional development is evident in her completion of various industry training courses, including Water, Fire, and Smoke Damage Restoration, Health & Safety, and Odor Control.

Her dedication over the years has significantly contributed to the ongoing successes of our company, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Wayne Oye

Project Manager

With 15 years in the restoration industry, Wayne has been a pivotal figure at Total Restoration since he joined in 2009 as a Junior Project Manager. His expertise spans large loss and complex claims, handling various projects with finesse. Wayne's portfolio includes managing significant projects like the Water's Edge fire in 2017 and the Pinnacle Pointe flood, among others. His extensive experience and deep knowledge in the field have made him an integral contributor to our company's success. Currently serving as a Project Manager for the past 14 years, Wayne's impact on our team is invaluable, reinforcing our strong presence in the restoration industry.

Ryan Gregory

Project Manager

Launching his restoration career in 2008, Ryan initially joined Total Restoration as a General Labourer. After a brief hiatus for further education, he returned to us, advancing to the role of a Flood Technician. Over the years, his dedication and expertise led him to the position of Flood Technician Manager, and eventually, Project Manager. Ryan holds numerous certifications, including Water and Fire Damage Technician, Applied Microbial Remediation Technician, and Applied Structural Drying, among others. His 15-year journey with Total Restoration and his ongoing contributions underscore his critical role in our team, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in the restoration industry.

Kyle Brandon

Project Manager

Kyle became a valuable member of the Total Restoration team in 2019, starting as a General Labourer before progressing to a Flood Technician, and currently serving as a Project Manager. Holding certifications in Water Damage Restoration and Applied Microbial Remediation, his specialist knowledge, coupled with practical experience as a Flood Technician, makes him a trusted and integral part of our team. Kyle's diverse project portfolio, built from his diligent work as a Flood Technician and now as a Project Manager, exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the industry. His dedication significantly contributes to the successful execution of projects and the overall accomplishments of Total Restoration.

Courtney Campbell

Director of Marketing and Client Relations

Courtney is part of the marketing team at Total Restoration. She helps run the social media accounts, as well as coordinate our events, and many other tasks that fall under the marketing category. Courtney was born and raised in the Okanagan. This is beneficial as she is familiar with many businesses and believes in “keeping it local” as much as possible. With a background ranging all the way from healthcare to social media & marketing, she uses all these life experiences, skills and her love for networking and socializing to help contribute to the growth and accomplishments of this business.