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Warm winter turns to cold! Freezing pipes and ruptured water lines are something we get called out for frequently.

We’ve seen everything this winter for weather. Warm days and warm nights, and now a freezing cold couple weeks causing water problems all over our region. Being aware of your home and plumbing system is important. Here are a couple tips to keep in mind when the temperature drops:

Make sure you know...

1. where your main water shut off is in your home.  Usually it’s located in the basement or first entry of water into the home. Once you find it. Tag it with something bright so it easy for you or a neighbor to find next time.

2. if travelling, what the rules are for watching your home while away. Some insurance policies do not cover a loss if nobody was checking on the house while you were away for a long weekend or hot holiday. Believe us, it happens!

3. to have our number to call first. We have expert and professional staff to help you with your water damage.  Our TEAM is used to working with every insurance company and can help you protect your home.

We also provide services for sewer back ups, fire or smoke damages and much more. For more information visit us at www.totalrestoration.ca and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep an eye on what we are up to in our communities.