24/7 Emergency Response

Salmon Arm: 250-832-9717

Kelowna: 250-491-3828 | Penticton: 250-493-8028 | Vernon: 250-558-1412

About Us

Total Restoration Services Inc. is a leading restoration contractor providing a high level of service to the insurance industry. We are the first to provide emergency preparedness planning to the Building Owners and Managers Association in British Columbia. We are also the first to provide a broker claims assist program.

The experienced leadership team of five managers at Total Restoration Services Inc. has previous experience in claims adjusting, restoration management, and construction.

Total Restoration Services Inc. has offices in Kelowna, Vernon, Salmon Arm, and Penticton to serve the Okanagan Valley. We are a 24-hour emergency response office with staff that is ready to attend whenever your need arises.

Total Restoration’s Mission:

  1. Achieve the best possible result for the people we serve by the dedicated application of our talent, compassionate attitude and highly motivated work ethic.
  2. Commit ourselves to avoid procrastination and vigorously apply the most appropriate and innovative technology, brainpower, elbow grease and attitude in order to come as close to “total restoration” as possible.
  3. Perform all our services and treat all our personnel in a manner that is conducive to them achieving their full potential in a harmonious setting.