Here’s Why We’re So Excited About Our New Esporta Wash System

Big news from the Total Restoration headquarters in Kelowna: our Esporta Wash System has arrived! 

What does that mean for our customers? Well, it starts with water, sewer or fire damage, and ends with clean, dry, freshly restored soft goods. We’re talking about clothing, bedding, shoes and other soft valuables affected by fire, sewer or water damage in Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan area.  Our new Esporta Wash System uses ultrasonic cleaning power to restore your items to the way they were before the flood or fire. 

Translation: one less thing for you to worry about

When flood, fire or sewer damage affects you and those you love, the messy aspects of the situation can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Sorting out insurance details, temporary accommodations (when necessary) and the general interruption to your life is not fun. 

That’s why we’re constantly improving our services arsenal with equipment such as the Esporta Wash System. With the Total Restoration experts taking care of restoring the things that matter, you’ve got one less thing to worry about in the aftermath of damage. 

Here’s how the Esporta Wash System works: 

The Esporta Wash System harnesses hydraulic pressure combined with a revolutionary detergent blend to to disinfect with remarkable efficiency. This powerful machine sucks up bacteria, odour, stains and grime like nobody’s business. For items such as bedding, shoes and clothing, integrating the Esporta Wash System turns replaceable possessions into restorable possessions. You can keep the things you love, despite the damage to your property. 

Restore the things you love 

Sentimental items such as childhood teddy bears, blankets and heirlooms need not be counted as losses in the aftermath of flood or fire damage in Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon. Total Restoration is now equipped to save your valuables by restoring them to their pre-damage form. 

Choosing a restoration company in the Okanagan is easier than ever

Our in-house laundry and soft contents restoration is just one more reason to make Total Restoration your go-to for flood damage and fire damage in Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon. When you know your clothing, bedding, shoes and other soft goods (including sentimental items such as toys and heirlooms) are being taken care of with the best equipment in the industry, you can enjoy total peace of mind. 

Look at what we can do! 

Learn more about our fire damage and flood damage services, including: 

  • Guaranteed deodorization of all contents including clothing, electronics, furniture and any unique property or possessions you might have. 
  • Pack out and long-term storage services.
  • Full-service rebuild of homes, office buildings and manufacturing plants