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If you’re like other Kelowna homeowners, you’ll want to do everything possible to prevent water damage inside your home. Water leaks that cause water damage can occur in many areas of your home. Pipes, faucets and other areas that funnel water into and around your home can spring leaks at a moment’s notice or may start to leak slowly and progress gradually. Learning how to spot water leaks that aren’t always so obvious will allow you to take swifter action to stop the water from leaking before it causes major damage to your home.

Look for Water Stains

Water stains on walls or ceilings indicate that water is leaking. The leakage may be ongoing or might only occur from time to time if you have holes or other openings in your home’s structure that allow water from rain or snow to seep through them.

Check for Mold or Mildew

Mold or mildew can form in areas that are moist from water leakage. The water leakage that spawns mold or mildew formation often comes from leaking pipes. The growth can become especially problematic in hot or humid conditions. Professionals from a reputable water damage restoration company can eradicate eliminate the mold or mildew growth and repair the areas of your home that have been damaged.

Read the Water Meter

Your home’s water indicator can tell you if you have a leak somewhere inside your home. Look at your meter’s current reading and then shut off your water and make sure that all appliances that use water are not in use. You can then check the meter again to see if it has changed, which is a sign that you have a water leak. It’s also advisable to check the meter again after two hours to see if it changes, as this can be a sign of a slower leak.

Check Your Water Bill

If your water bill rapidly increases with no reasonable explanation, the cost spike could be the result of a water leak. The loss of water could increase the amount of water that your home uses unnecessarily by a lot, and hiring professionals to inspect all your water lines can help you resolve the problem faster.

How to Stop a Leak

To prevent further water leakage, you should inspect and shut off the valves to any leaking pipes. Be familiar with the location of your home’s main water shut off valve. You’ll want to keep the water off in these areas until the leaks can be fixed by professionals.

If water leaks have caused damage to your home, Total Restoration Services can send professionals to fix the damage in your home in Kelowna, B.C. To learn more about the specific services that we provide and to schedule an appointment, please visit www.totalrestoration.ca/kelowna.