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Your home is your sanctuary until a fire erupts. Then you’re dealing with a noxious disaster at a minimum or a life-threatening situation at the worst. Cooking fires, electrical problems, a discarded cigarette or candles are all common sources of house fires. In their aftermath, fire damage requires attention because of the strong odours, potentially toxic residues and ruined materials.

As a restoration company in Kelowna, we clean and repair fire-damaged houses and buildings. Although this is our business, we encourage everyone to avoid this problem by following these tips to prevent house fires.

1. Test smoke alarms monthly
Every moment counts when something catches fire, and the smoke alarm is your early warning system. Hit your alarm’s test button every month to confirm that it has power. Install a fresh battery at least once a year.

2. Don’t leave cooking food unattended
Someone who comes home tired from work and starts a pan of food on the stove and then falls asleep on the couch will wake up to smoke and sometimes a spreading fire. You need to remain attentive when using the range, toaster oven and other cooking appliances.

3. Smoke outside
For generations, cigarettes have been one of the causes of house fires. Ideally, people should smoke outside, but for those who choose to smoke inside, never do it in bed or close to gas appliances or oxygen canisters.

4. Keep electrical wiring up to code
Any problems that you experience with your electrical system require immediate attention. Deteriorating or out-of-date wiring can malfunction and result in significant fire damage. The cords that you use to plug in electrical equipment need to be in good shape too. Never use them if they are broken in some way.

5. Educate all household members about fire dangers
A little time spent talking about fire safety can help everyone avoid the distress and danger of a house fire. Make sure everyone knows how to store flammable materials, locate the fire extinguisher and avoid risky behaviours. Children, who are naturally curious about fire, need special attention during this conversation.

If the worst does happen, Total Restoration Services can respond right away. We are a full-service restoration company in Kelowna. We’ll work hard to salvage possessions, eliminate odours and execute repairs. Contact us for help right now.